About Us

The Founder

Philippe started his work in the astronomy and aerospace industry in Belgium, focusing on advanced thermal vacuum systems. He managed projects for space agencies including ESA and ISRO, as well as large contractors such as TAS, ADS and OHB. In 2016 Philippe moved to Warsaw and joined a start-up focusing on space robotics and MGSE and helped them grow. Philippe’s connections across Europe and experiences serving clients around the World, put into focus the talent needs of technically driven industries. It inspired him to bring his optimism and energy to improving product development of leaders and disruptors in engineering fields.

Why aXpir?

We want to bolster progress by connecting clients with a large range of experts. We provide services and support the development of innovative solutions for the high-tech sectors. To be able to focus on innovation, we first support the development of partner best practices.


aXpir is here for you. We first wish to discuss your mission and vision, then draft a plan that solidifies how we can optimally support reaching your goals.


What aXpir brings to the market:

  • Business development skills and support in the high-tech sectors,
  • Experience in managing teams on a variety of high-tech projects,
  • Readiness to meet technical challenges and provide innovative approaches to meet the needs of our clients,
  • Providing fast access to experts at an optimized cost. Providing flexibility to increase competitiveness of partner companies,
  • Dedicated support for Human resources with high-tech team recruitment.



Our values are based on an idea that we call Progress For All.

We believe that a diversified open minded team with our motto in mind can do incredible things.
We express Progress For All in our relationships through respect, authenticity and reliability.
Our path for progress includes dreams, discovery, reflection, courage and determination.
It’s in these values when partnered with great clients that we see incredible results.


We support Progress For All through the development of innovative solutions for high-tech sectors by sharing our knowledge, expertise and the learnings we acquire along the way.


We believe that when we accelerate progress we can create a better world to live in now.