Services and Solutions

Let us get to know you better so that we can together identify and prioritize issues that slow you down. We’ll provide you with our expertise to overcome your challenges so that you can focus on your most important projects and development activities.


To support you quickly, we continuously develop a database of highly qualified professionals in a wide range of fields. At the moment, we are considering professionals in sectors of aerospace, transport, energy and general industry.

We provide two types of services:

Recruitment services
Support for selecting and preparing your top engineers

The quality of your team can make or break your success. That’s why we provide recruitment services focused specifically for high-tech engineering. Help us define the needs of an employee and we will source a range of excellent candidates for the position. Part of our approach is to look more broadly for interesting and talented candidates.
For certain fields we have specialists who can provide quick courses to introduce and educate new hires to the needs of your specific industry.

Consulting services
Based on a B2B contract, one or some of our experts will work on your project in your prefered terms.​
Through our network of skilled people we can find the talent to deliver on the needs of your projects. We specialise in high-tech engineers, project managers and business developers. Contact us to figure out the projects that we can assist you with. Whether it’s a small support role or development of a full project.